Imagine someone who can design your dreams…

meetmarcel is a seasoned experienced event planner agency. We go beyond the customary checklist of venue, number of guests, and flowers on the table. The feeling you wake up with in the morning, still captivated by the dream you just had: that is our starting point. That lingering feeling is what we want to your guests to experience.

At meetmarcel, we create lasting memories. We call ourselves dream designers, because we make the impossible happen – we have a reputation of best event planner to live up to, you know (but more on that below). By extending our event storytelling to the smallest details, we turn every occasion into a magical experience. Because every event tells a unique story. Your story.

Meet Marcel About

Doing things differently has earned meetmarcel the title of ‘Best event agency in Belgium’ – not once but 5 times. We have also reeled in more than 20 BEAs, including 2 world BEA awards.

Making dreams come true is what we do. And we’re more than happy to.

Since their dream event, these clients are on cloud nine.

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