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meetmarcel believes in the magic of live experiences. In the power of a dream turned reality. In the unforgettable impression a live experience can leave. When organizing your live event, our first question is always: ‘What feeling do you want your guests to take home?’

Whether it’s a product launch, opening event, or PR gathering, we give it our all to make your brand shine and make guests go ‘wow’. Your maximum visibility is our aim.

That’s why we do more than just organize marketing events. As a creative event agency, we prefer telling stories over merely focusing on logistics. We develop a creative concept just for you, with meticulous attention to detail.

High-end execution is the next step. When turning your event into an experience, we purposely take the road less traveled. Because that’s where the gold is.

Meet Marcel About

Doing things differently has earned meetmarcel the title of ‘Best event agency in Belgium’ – not once but 5 times. We have also reeled in more than 20 BEAs, including 2 world BEA awards.

Making dreams come true is what we do. And we’re more than happy to.

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